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10th - 13th March, 2016

VIT University, Vellore

  • The ultimate engineering symposium.

  • Conference and workshops.

  • The biggest meet of civil engineers.

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10th - 13th March, 2016


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About ICES


An initiative by the American Society of Civil Engineers Indian Section, Vellore Institute of Technology hosts the first of its kind, international symposium on civil engineering. We bring you the finest, most advanced of symposiums, the likes of which has never been seen before. ASCE VIT (ISSR) presents you ICES 2016, a place where you can dream to think beyond. Events which rack your brain and takes you to a whole new level, workshops which will sweat information out of you, guest lectures from an array of highly decorated personalities, unconventional MUN’s and many others, await you. Enter this world of civil engineering and be lost in it. We promise you that you won’t regret it. We have a gala planned out for you. First and foremost, we have the brightest minds of our country, from various fields of engineering, coming over to deliver their bountiful wisdom in many guest lectures. An opportunity like that is not something you would come across every day! We have paper presentations on fields which cover Geotechnical, Environmental, Transportation and Structural. Papers are invited from all over the continent, class and quality is promised. Selected papers to be published in a journal. We will be having many large scale workshops on topics like Seismic Design, Transportation, Geospatial Technology and Green Building Design and softwares like WaterGEMS, MicroStation and Primavera. An opportunity for participants to learn from Experts.


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American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

VIT Student Chapter

Established in the year 2011, the American Society of Civil Engineers (IS SR) VIT student chapter has been proficient in its portrayal of a student chapter exclusively dedicated for civil engineering, in the college. With various events, guest lectures and workshops ASCE - VIT has managed to attract a large number of the student population. With the advent of a national level symposium ‘Structura 2013’ and two international civil engineering symposiums (ICES'14 & ICES'15), the chapter reached new heights, now being a common name amidst various civil engineering circles. We seek to attain overall excellence and carry out the mission of ASCE and thus make our mark in the charts of ASCE International.


Founded in 1984, as Vellore Engineering College, the Institute was upgraded to a University conferred in recognition of its academic excellence in 2001. The institution was founded by the North Arcot Educational Trust under the chairmanship of the present Chancellor Dr. G. Viswanathan. VIT’s student numbers has reached 22,000 with a faculty strength of above 1000. It runs 19 Undergraduate and 34 Post graduate programmes as well as research programmes including Ph.D. VIT is a highly accredited institution by both national and international bodies such as NBA, NAAC, IET (UK) and EI (UK). Three years in a row, VIT has been ranked among the top 10 premier Engineering Institutions of India. The campus spread over 350 acres with greenery and sylvan surroundings away from the crowded city. The University is very selective in its admission process, where it enrols about 4000 students annually through a national competitive examination involving more than 1,60,000 applicants.


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