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Canoe Competition

"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible."


National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC) made its debut in 1971. Organized by ASCE(AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS), it is now being taken in interest by more than 200 groups worldwide. Such is the popularity of the event that groups from reputed colleges like UC Berkeley, the University of Wisconsin in Madison and Michigan State University stake their claim as participants in the competition. Now, for the first time ever it's being held outside the USA! ASCE-VIT is taking the command for conducting it in India for the first time! The canoe being made of cement is a challenge in itself, alongside a few variables having an impact on the canoe weight, which makes the challenge trickier. Lastly, the canoe that is light as well as efficient has a better chance at the coveted challenge. Civil engineering enthusiasts and students from various top colleges and universities all over the world will be partaking in the opposition. This time history would get rewritten by ASCE-VIT as we have got once in a lifetime opportunity, with the competition setting it foot for the first time outside United States, that too in INDIA. So, come join us this March and help us make it bigger and better than ever.

->National Canoe Competition Rule Book