"Winners are not those who fail, but those who never try."

Have you ever known how pure is the water coming in your households, offices etc.? Have you ever desired of making a plan, process efficient enough to remove unwanted particles and judge the quality of water? We provide you a platform to complete one on your own and compete with best minds across the country.
How about mixing the game of deductions and mysteries with the field of civil engineering? Doesn’t it sound exciting? We give you a chance to demonstrate the inner Sherlock in you and win big! Can it get more fascinating?
A challenge for students who think they have acquired the fundamentals of civil engineering. Different rounds, different challenges testing the civil engineer in you.
Consider yourself a baseball freak? Strong technical skills in the field of civil engineering? You have a good shot at winning this challenge. Have a go at one of the rare events where you have to be sporty and geeky at the same time!
We, the civil engineers are always judged by the marks we score in Surveying. So do you think you are the best in the country? Need a platform to prove yourself? We provide you exhaustive rounds of hardcore surveying, which will test even the best of the people. Are you ready to take the challenge? We wait.
You are the only civil engineer who has been sent to mars to help design structures. Emerge a hero and help the world fight this crisis, with challenges like alien surroundings, no connectivity etc. Then we provide the opportunity, show us your intellect.
An opportunity to show your innovative minds, a challenge of building a bridge without cement! A budding civil engineer here’s your chance to prove how technically sound you’re and lots of goodies to be won.
Upset with the traffic and road infrastructure of your city. Want to present your ideas to the whole world to make it better. We give you a chance, to design your own traffic and road layout for your own city and a chance to win big!
An opportunity to showcase your expertise in the vast array of topics. We give you the topic, write about it, present in front of professionals from the industry. High end exposure, prizes await and what not. Have you heard of any better opportunity? *GEEK ALERT*
Are you a good leader? Can you handle pressure? No, we are not recruiting new captain for Indian Cricket Team. You need to have these qualities and much more to be an entrepreneur in this part of engineering. Are you confident enough to stake your claim in a first of its kind event and compete with the world? We assure you won’t have a better experience than this.