"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip Toe if you must, but take the step."


You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. There lie some challenges involved in analyzing a structure even before the construction starts.   So we are giving you the opportunity to attend a workshop on advanced foundation analysis by Civil Simplified. The workshop deals with analysis and design of different footing and theory of structure via real world case studies etc. 


Premature deterioration of civil infrastructure has created a colossal backlog of ageing concrete structures. Hence it is important to design structures that can exceed their service life even in harsh environments and with minimum maintenance and repair. This however requires a solid understanding of concrete technology. 


As an architectural engineer, you need to deliver the highest quality work on schedule and under budget. Bentley architecture provides you with endless independence, to discover a lot more layout choices, to help make much better well informed layout judgements, as well as forecast performance and costs. Construction and Design paperwork are quickly synchronized, removing problems and omissions with the help of the software.


STAAD-PRO V8i is a Structural Analysis and Design Software powered by Bentley systems. With an array of advanced analysis capabilities including linear static, response spectra, time history, cable imperfection, and non-linear analysis. It provides a callable solution that will meet the demands of the project every time. The software reduces the man-hours required to properly load the structure by automating the forces caused by wind, earthquakes, snow or vehicles. The workshop is conducted by the creators themselves, ‘Bentley systems’ which makes the learning experience like never before. To ensure on time and on budget completion of your steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, and cold-formed steel projects regardless of the complexity. .


Architecture Design Event is an architectural design competition meant for Civil Engineering and Architecture Students. All participants will be given a Design Problem Statement to work on. It is a perfect platform to unleash your talents and interests as well as explore your capabilities. They have to study, solve, calculate and work on the design and present a technically sound product which should be aesthetically pleasing, feasible to build and reliable as well. Architecture Design Event tests not just the creativity but the technical knowledge and engineering expertise of the participants as well. Participants will also be gauged on the understanding of their project feasibility and the provision of practical solutions.


This is workshop cum competition, starting with participants in a team of 5 will be taught how to make a structure using light weight concrete material, coarse aggregate, rubber scrap etc, which will float on water, then they will be allowed to make a floating structure in a given time constraint and will be given 1 week time for its proper casting, the structure which will bear the maximum load without sinking will be considered as the best structure. The workshop portrayed a complete practical perspective of the science behind floating concrete that is Light weight concrete.


This modern workshop is a much needed investment for the urbanization of modern age which demands smooth communication by focusing on advanced tools like intelligent transport system, in this workshop students would also be introduced to Traffic engineering- Understanding and operation. In this workshop, students would be taught about the scope and oppurtunities of transportation sector in the future. As we know, our prime minister "Dr. Narendra Modi" has announced that transportation sector is the one which requires lots of development and has also invested major chunk of national budget into it, and considering the arrival of "Smart Cities", there would be better roadways, airports and railways system.